Alien Skin Offers Discounts, Help for Haiti

Alien Skin, purveyors of fine plugins like Exposure, Bokeh, and Blow Up, is running a 20% off sale—on everything—from now until the end of February. While 20% off sounds good to begin with, there’s an extra kicker: Alien Skin is donating 10% of their profits this month to relief efforts in Haiti. If you’ve been … Continue Reading

If Typos Were Horses

Capture Integration’s Doug Peterson: Apple released Aperture 3 today. Under the Raw File Support List is the Canon 1Ds IV. Granted this doesn’t really say anything about release dates, specifications, or usability. But it’s interesting to see a company obsessed with secrecy about unreleased products slip up on a partner’s unreleased product. While I commend … Continue Reading

Aperture 3 Now Available

Apple today released Aperture 3, an upgrade to their Aperture cataloging and raw processing software. By Apple’s numbers it boasts over 200 new features, and some of them are definitely keeping the competition alive between Aperture and Lightroom. Aperture 3 retains the pricing of the previous version, $199 for the full version and $99 for … Continue Reading

RAID is Not a Backup

With the release of dpBestflow, we’ve seen a resurgence in questions about RAID. If there’s only one thing to know about RAID, it’s this: RAID is not a backup. RAID is not a backup strategy and does not replace a backup strategy. RAID’s single purpose on this earth is to mitigate the effects of hardware … Continue Reading

Glorious N-E-C

We’ve been big fans on NEC professional displays for a while. They offer excellent color and great features at shockingly good prices. We’ve used them, we’ve recommended them, we’ve supported them. And now we’re pleased to be an NEC Display Solutions Partner. If you’re looking for a monitor with excellent color fidelity, NEC is (in … Continue Reading

Prettier. Simpler. Better.

The last iteration of the main Panachroma site was rushed out in a hurry. We’d been sitting on it because we didn’t really know what to do with it, hadn’t found a decent Content Management System, and there were other/better things to do. After finally having enough of it, I found Concrete5, an awesome CMS. … Continue Reading

Adobe, Education, and You

Disclaimer: Panachroma is an Adobe partner in the United States of America, and the following information applies only to US customers. Adobe policy varies by territory, with most territories forbidding both upgrading and commercial use of education versions. For customers outside of the US, please consult your local Adobe office for upgrade and usage restrictions. … Continue Reading

Format vs. Erase

Here’s a common question: **When I’m preparing my memory card for a new shoot, should I format or should I erase?** And the answer is— Format! Need more details? Imagine for a moment you have a book where you can only turn to a page if you already know the page number. This is basically … Continue Reading


We’ve finally launched the new Panachroma web site, and with it we’re launching this blog. We hope to bring you interesting digital photography news along with some tips and tricks along the way. We’ll also use this space to hit on some of the more common questions we receive and flesh out some answers. If … Continue Reading