If Typos Were Horses

Capture Integration’s Doug Peterson:

Apple released Aperture 3 today. Under the Raw File Support List is the Canon 1Ds IV.

Granted this doesn’t really say anything about release dates, specifications, or usability. But it’s interesting to see a company obsessed with secrecy about unreleased products slip up on a partner’s unreleased product.

While I commend Capture Integration for being as caught up in the 1Ds IV excitement as anyone else, there’s a much simpler explanation here than “Apple spilled the beans on Canon’s next flagship body!”

There’s a IV-series body out right now.

A IV-series body which is curiously absent from Apple’s RAW compatibility list while the vaporware 1Ds Mark IV is on it.

Also on Apple’s compatibility list is the similarly non-existent Hasselblad H3D-31II. (There’s an H3DII-31 with an upgraded body, but not an H3D-31II with an upgraded back.)

They way Canon and Hasselblad name things, it’s really hard to fault Apple over this mixup. And as frothy as the Canon community is over the potential 1Ds IV (it’s been “coming out soon” for months now in Canon circles), it’s really hard to fault everyone who’s taken one look at the list and run with giddy joy.

If you’re waiting for the 1Ds Mark IV, I dare say you’re not going to get one in your hands any sooner because of Apple’s typo. On the other hand, you could roll with it: Go buy a 1D Mark IV, add on your own lower-case s, and feel secure in the knowledge Apple agrees with you!

(Incidentally, check out Capture Integration if you’re interested in Phase One products. They’ve got the goods and the knowledge on all things Phase.)

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