SSD in a Mac Pro

On the subject of SSDs, many people wonder how to install one in a system with a SATA backplane (the cableless setup where drives plug directly into connectors). This includes the Apple Mac Pro and many other higher-end workstations or cases, as well as the Drobo and many RAID/JBOD enclosures. For those on an extreme … Continue Reading

Just Say No to 0

As prices on SSD (Solid State Disk) storage come down, we’re seeing a disturbing trend popping up. To counteract the low storage capacity of cheap SSDs, some buyers are buying a handful and linking them together into a RAID 0 array. In and of itself, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this approach—it not necessarily cost-effective … Continue Reading

Format vs. Erase

Here’s a common question: **When I’m preparing my memory card for a new shoot, should I format or should I erase?** And the answer is— Format! Need more details? Imagine for a moment you have a book where you can only turn to a page if you already know the page number. This is basically … Continue Reading