QNAP Users: New Ransomware Threat

This weekend, multiple security researchers and QNAP announced a new ransomware security advisory. Following on the heels of previous ransomware attacks targeting QNAP NAS units, the latest is called AgeLocker and can encrypt your entire NAS, holding your files hostage for ransom payment. There’s an important point to be made here: like nearly all prior … Continue Reading

September Drobo Availability Updates

For creatives waiting to buy a new Drobo, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news: units are being manufactured and shipped. Drobo’s suppliers are coming out of pandemic-related lockdowns and working hard to fulfill orders. The bad news: supply is still extremely short for most units, and pent-up demand means inventory is … Continue Reading

Demystifying DiskStation Naming

As we said way back in 2014, Synology makes a great series of NAS units — but the sheer size of the product line can get a little confusing. We frequently hear from creatives and power users that are interested in a Synology NAS but just aren’t quite sure how to make heads or tails of … Continue Reading

Drobo units on indefinite backorder; service replacements remain available

While we know fewer of you are using Drobo units now that high-performance NASes are more widely available, we also know Drobo’s USB-C and Thunderbolt direct-attached storage (DAS) still hold a valuable place in many workflows. For our customers using or considering Drobo units (whether direct-attached or networked), it is extremely important to know that … Continue Reading

And on the G-Technology front…

One of the more interesting G-Technology products that’s crossed my desk lately is the new G-DOCK ev. Part of their new “ev”, or evolution, line of drives, the G-DOCK does something unusual: It accepts USB 3.0 ev drives and connects them via Thunderbolt to your computer. The G-DOCK can be configured for your choice of … Continue Reading

Getting NASty with Synology

With most of us having grown into a partially-mobile workflow, we’ve heard more and more from creatives interested in Network-Attached Storage (NAS). If you’re not familiar with a NAS, think of it like a RAID array that lives on your network. Unlike a typical file share, it’s self-contained; you don’t need to boot up (or … Continue Reading

A Q about the G-SPEED Q

Since G-Technology’s new G-SPEED Q model was added to the lineup, there’s been a lot of interest in it: It’s the only G-SPEED that doesn’t require an eSATA, miniSAS, or Fibre Channel connection. This makes it sound like a great option to many users, particularly those with notebooks or iMacs. But then comes the inevitable … Continue Reading

SSD in a Mac Pro

On the subject of SSDs, many people wonder how to install one in a system with a SATA backplane (the cableless setup where drives plug directly into connectors). This includes the Apple Mac Pro and many other higher-end workstations or cases, as well as the Drobo and many RAID/JBOD enclosures. For those on an extreme … Continue Reading