And on the G-Technology front…

One of the more interesting G-Technology products that’s crossed my desk lately is the new G-DOCK ev. Part of their new “ev”, or evolution, line of drives, the G-DOCK does something unusual: It accepts USB 3.0 ev drives and connects them via Thunderbolt to your computer. The G-DOCK can be configured for your choice of … Continue Reading

Getting NASty with Synology

With most of us having grown into a partially-mobile workflow, we’ve heard more and more from creatives interested in Network-Attached Storage (NAS). If you’re not familiar with a NAS, think of it like a RAID array that lives on your network. Unlike a typical file share, it’s self-contained; you don’t need to boot up (or … Continue Reading

Lightroom 5.3 is Out!

Are you a Lightroom user? You’ll be pleased to know Lightroom 5.3 has been released! Lightroom 5 has been a rocky road for some users, and we’re aware some of you may have simply set it aside and gone back to version 4. If that describes you, fire up your updater and grab the latest … Continue Reading

You got your Hahnemühle in my Harman!

If you’ve been by the Panachroma Store lately, you may have noticed something shocking and horrifying: The Harman inkjet papers, including that absolutely darkroom-gorgeous Harman FB Al, are out of stock. Deep breaths. This isn’t the end of the world; in 2010, Harman and Hahnemühle announced they were teaming up to produce “Harman by Hahnemühle” … Continue Reading

CS5.5 and Photographers

Adobe has released Creative Suite 5.5, leading to many photographers asking whether they need to upgrade. If you’re only using Photoshop or Photoshop Lightroom, the answer’s easy: Nope. Photoshop and Lightroom are entirely untouched. If you own any Creative Suite edition (Web, Design, Premium, etc.), or any non-Photoshop-family individual products, you may want to investigate … Continue Reading

A Q about the G-SPEED Q

Since G-Technology’s new G-SPEED Q model was added to the lineup, there’s been a lot of interest in it: It’s the only G-SPEED that doesn’t require an eSATA, miniSAS, or Fibre Channel connection. This makes it sound like a great option to many users, particularly those with notebooks or iMacs. But then comes the inevitable … Continue Reading

Photoshop CS Owner? It’s upgrade time.

On Monday, April 12th, Adobe’s having a huge event to announce the forthcoming release of Creative Suite 5. For users of CS2 through CS4, it’s a great opportunity to see what they’ll have the option of upgrading to. For users of the original Creative Suite programs—whether you call them CS or version 8.0—it’s a ticking … Continue Reading

SSD in a Mac Pro

On the subject of SSDs, many people wonder how to install one in a system with a SATA backplane (the cableless setup where drives plug directly into connectors). This includes the Apple Mac Pro and many other higher-end workstations or cases, as well as the Drobo and many RAID/JBOD enclosures. For those on an extreme … Continue Reading

Just Say No to 0

As prices on SSD (Solid State Disk) storage come down, we’re seeing a disturbing trend popping up. To counteract the low storage capacity of cheap SSDs, some buyers are buying a handful and linking them together into a RAID 0 array. In and of itself, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this approach—it not necessarily cost-effective … Continue Reading