Glorious N-E-C

We’ve been big fans on NEC professional displays for a while. They offer excellent color and great features at shockingly good prices. We’ve used them, we’ve recommended them, we’ve supported them.

And now we’re pleased to be an NEC Display Solutions Partner.

If you’re looking for a monitor with excellent color fidelity, NEC is (in our opinion) where it’s at. This partnership is just part of our continued drive to get people hooked up with usable color solutions that don’t suck or break the bank.

As an NEC partner, we now have more resources at our disposal to help both clients with existing NEC displays and clients considering an NEC display.

The biggest benefit if you’re considering an upgrade? We can set you up with a demo unit before you spend a dime. If you want to see the difference a quality monitor can make (whether it’s wide-gamut or sRGB), we can make it happen.

If you’re in Phoenix (or even elsewhere in Arizona), give us a holler at (480) 553-8953 and let’s talk monitors.

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