And on the G-Technology front…

One of the more interesting G-Technology products that’s crossed my desk lately is the new G-DOCK ev. Part of their new “ev”, or evolution, line of drives, the G-DOCK does something unusual: It accepts USB 3.0 ev drives and connects them via Thunderbolt to your computer.

The G-DOCK can be configured for your choice of JBOD, RAID 0, or RAID 1 operation.

This is a fantastic new product category, allowing you to grow into an external RAID setup using the external drives you already have. We’ve repeatedly heard from creatives who wished they could more easily pull a drive out of their RAID 1 setup and use it—whether to hand it off to a friend as an off-site backup, or to take it on the road, or for a variety of other possible use cases. With the G-DOCK ev, you can now easily do just that.

As with all of G-Technology’s new Thunderbolt solutions, the G-DOCK includes two Thunderbolt ports, allowing you to daisy-chain your devices for maximum expandability. (If, like me, you’re still rocking a MacBook Pro with a single Thunderbolt port, this is exciting stuff.)

And like all of G-Technology’s products, all the cables are included. Yes, I mean all the cables—you’ll find a Thunderbolt cable in the box with any G-DOCK, G-Drive, or G-RAID that supports Thunderbolt connections.

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