Welcome to Panachroma!

At Panachroma, digital imaging is our passion. Professional photographer or a hobbyist, we're here for you. We keep up to date with the latest practices and technologies to keep you in the sweet spot of productivity. We're technology by creatives, for creatives.

Great color isn't just a dream

Don't let bad color cast a bad light on your digital workflow. Whether you just need a tune-up or need a crash course, Panachroma has your color management solution. Your great images deserve great color, and you deserve to spend less time worrying about it.

Take charge of your files

Binders and shoeboxes worked in the film days. They don't work so well today. If you're being overwhelmed by your digital captures, get professional help. Panachroma will help you build a storage, backup, and archiving solution that works for you.

Quality gear for quality results

When we recommend a product, it's not because we've seen a cool ad for it or we're getting kickbacks to pimp it. It's because we've used it, tested it, and found it to be suitable for professional use and professional results.  We even take into account the quality of the manufacturer's customer service.

The creative industry has different demands than the home user or the general business user. That's why our product evaluations are geared specifically toward professional creative use.